7 Captivating Adoption Podcast Episodes

The rise of the podcast has created audio entertainment on every subject under the sun, and the subject of adoption is no exception. Below are seven excellent and captivating podcast episodes that examine the experience of adoption.

Not So Simple MathIf you want to hear a birth mother describe her decision to relinquish her child for an open adoption and her relationship with her birth son and his adoptive family, listen to Not So Simple Math from the Modern Love podcast. 

Meeting Your Children / The Decision: If you are considering adopting from the foster care system, try Episode 1, Meeting Your Children / The Decision of the Foster Adoption Podcast by husbands Adam and Matt, who started their podcast in 2015 to share their story of adopting three and five-year-old siblings from the foster care system. 

Let's See How Fast This Baby Will Go: If you want to hear a former foster child recount the story of buying her first car while in labor with the child she planned to relinquish to her sister for adoption, listen to Let's See How Fast This Baby Will Go, which is one of three stories in the This American Life episode 494: Hit the Road.  

Thicker Than Water: A Podcast on Intercultural Adoption: If you are interested in intercultural adoption issues, check out Thicker Than Water: A Podcast on Intercultural Adoption by The Ethnic Isle, a Canadian blog focused on the issues of race and ethnicity. 

My First Lesson in Motherhood: If you want to hear about how a family dealt with the news of their daughter's potential health complications upon their arrival in China to complete the adoption and bring her home, listen to My First Lesson in Motherhood from the Modern Love podcast.

Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl: If you want to hear a compelling account of the complex case of Baby Veronica, a heartbreaking adoption case that dealt with the Indian Child Welfare Act and reached the United States Supreme Court, listen to Adoptive Couple v. Baby Girl from Radiolab.

The First Noel: Finally, if you'd like to hear the happy sounds of two adopted children from the Democratic Republic of Congo experiencing their first Christmas season in the United States, listen to The First Noel from episode 576: Say Yes to Christmas from This American Life.