Electric Vehicle Charging Station Law Updates

In 2015, the Oregon Legislature updated the electric vehicle charging station laws that were added to the Oregon Condominium Act and the Planned Community Act in 2014. The 2014 charging station laws permit owners to install charging stations for their electric vehicles at their own cost, subject to the Association’s reasonable application, architectural review, permitting, installation, and use requirements.

The updated laws, which became effective on June 4, 2015, clarify a few points regarding the ownership rights and responsibilities of charging stations:

  • The laws are intended to facilitate the installation of charging stations by owners for their own personal residential use in condos and planned communities; 
  • Unless an owner and the association (or declarant) agree otherwise, a charging station installed by a homeowner is considered the owner’s personal property; and
  •  Unless an owner and the association (or declarant) agree otherwise, before transferring ownership of a lot associated with a charging station, the owner must remove the charging station and restore the premises to its previous condition unless the prospective buyer of the lot will accept ownership of the charging station and all of the associated rights and responsibilities.

Although the updated laws provide some default provisions, those laws also give associations and owners flexibility to agree to terms that make the most sense for a specific community.  We have drafted electric vehicle charging station resolutions to address these issues in advance to ensure an efficient and uniform process for each owner’s request.  If you think electric vehicle charging stations may be coming to your community soon, you may want to consider a resolution to help your association streamline the process.