Anderson Ballard LLC is now scheduling half-day and full-day mediation sessions. 

We are impartial facilitators who enjoy resolving complex problems and bringing opposing sides together. We think that it is important for a mediator to be respectful, patient, skilled at listening, and creative. As former litigators, we understand the importance and value of effective mediation in avoiding the high costs and risks of going to trial. 

community association mediation

In community associations, disputes often arise that can be resolved through mediation before engaging in costly and time-consuming litigation. We believe that it is particularly valuable for members of a community association, who are also neighbors, to attempt to reach a mediated resolution before resorting to contentious litigation. As mediators, our goals are to bring parties together, find common ground, and forge solutions that meet the needs of everyone involved. 

We work with parties who are represented by counsel and parties who are representing themselves. 

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